Protection Operations
SRC’s protection services are based on the methodologies, skills, and knowledge gained from experience in special operations, diplomatic security, law enforcement, and security operations for various government agencies. This experience coupled with our passion provide our clients an envelope of security for their operations. With services ranging from residential security to high-risk protection operations, we offer tailored services to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Executive Threat Assessment
We provide our clients with highly trained protection professionals who are experienced veterans of the military, diplomatic protection, law enforcement, and similar protection assignments. Our executive protection services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.
Personal/Family Protection
Our Personal and Family Protection is intended to provide our clients and their loved ones with a private and secured lifestyle. We can provide assessments, recommendations, and protection services to ensure our clients are able to enjoy their lifestyle safely.
Low-visibility Protection
Our Low-visibility option balances the desire for privacy with the comfort of having protection in close proximity. Our Low-visibility operations are meant to go unnoticed while mitigating potential threats.
Mobile Protection
Our Mobile Protection operations can vary between providing a single security driver or a multi-vehicle convoy. We provide options to cover a variety of secure transportation for our clients, and can be provided as a standalone service or in conjunction with our other protection services.
Residential Security
Our Residential services ensure the personal assets of our clients are protected while they focus on their additional priorities.
Travel/Event Security
When clients want to travel for business or leisure, we are able to address the necessary security concerns so they can focus on enjoying their travel. Our services can provide the necessary information for secure travels or operatives can take on those responsibilities so our clients can focus on their priorities. This includes domestic and international venues such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
Our TSCM services ensure the locations our clients live and conduct business are not monitored or are under electronic surveillance. SRC conducts covert sweeps of the intended locations in a manner that will not disturb the daily lifestyle of our clients. This service can accompany any of our security services or serve as a standalone requirement as often as needed.
Counter Surveillance
In the event a client is being harassed, followed, or is under surveillance, our Counter Surveillance service can identify the unwanted individuals involved and covertly intervene to cease all surveillance.