Security Engineering
Our Security Engineering services improve or establish security measures and operations for our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with a turnkey solution which encompasses an efficient and effective security program. Our clients will have the guidance and knowledge to be self-sufficient with the comfort of the 24/7 availability of our staff.
Security Plans
SRC is able to assess the potential risks and threats of our clients and provide security plans which prioritize the measures needed based on cost and level of risk. We ensure that our security plans clearly define duties and responsibilities of all personnel within the organization, and works in conjunction with organizational goals and culture. With our plans, our clients will be able to implement a security plan which aids in the monitoring, deterrence, recognition, examination, and response to incidents. We are also able to assist in system procurement, construction, and installation by implementing a process which will pre-qualify bidders, conduct pre-bid conferences, evaluate bids and negotiate contracts. We will also ensure that systems are installed in accordance with contract documents to the highest industry standards by providing project management and coordination between the client, project team and security integrator.
Security Audits/Penetration Tests
Our Security Audits and Penetration Tests are designed to identify and expose areas of weakness in the client’s current security program. We are able to report any areas that need to be addressed in order to ensure our client’s assets are properly secured.
Security Policies and Procedures
We amend or develop security policies and procedures specifically for the needs of each client. Our procedures and policies are tailored to address the risks of our clients and will cover multiple events and scenarios, detailing the instructions, duties, and expectations for all employees, first responders, and emergency personnel.