Services & Capabilities
Strategic Research and Consulting’s growing services and capabilities portfolio is designed to provide the highest quality of service focused on addressing the needs of our clients. Our services are effective, confidential, and compartmentalized into the following areas: Crisis Management and Emergency Response, Security and Threat Management, Protection Operations, Security Engineering, Training Solutions, and the Research and Development of security services and technology.
Crisis Management & Emergency Response
Our Crisis Management and Emergency Response services enable our clients to adequately react to a crisis event when time is critical to the survival of personnel and the continuance of the organization. Our services will ensure our clients are prepared to respond to crisis events ranging from medical emergencies in the office, civil or political unrest in a foreign country, or a mass casualty event.
Protection Operations
SRC’s Protection services are based on the methodologies, skills, and knowledge gained from experience in special operations, diplomatic security, law enforcement, and security operations for various government agencies. This experience coupled with our passion, provides our clients with an envelope of security for their operations. With services ranging from residential security to high-risk protection operations, we offer tailored services to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Security Engineering
Our Security Engineering services improve or establish security measures and operations for our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with a turnkey solution which encompasses an efficient and effective security program. Our clients will have the guidance and knowledge to be self-sufficient with the comfort of the 24/7 availability of our staff.
Training Solutions
We are capable of providing clients with a basic training in multiple aspects of security and safety. Our training programs aid in the preparedness for and prevention of crisis events. Appropriate training programs are beneficial to an effective security program. We provide training as a standalone service whether it is initial training or a refresher.
Research & Development
SRC is focused on leveraging technology to improve security and sustain efforts dedicated to the research and development of security solutions.
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Security & Threat Management
Our Security and Threat Management services are based on proven security practices and methodologies to ensure the vulnerabilities of our clients are identified and the protocols to mitigate those risks are prioritized and recommend in our
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